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Mar 5, 2012 5:30am EST
to deal with when the two airlines officially became one. >>> and just ahead, arrival from indiana the sight of -- shall site of one of the deadliest tornadoes. we will take you there when "good morning maryland" continues on this monday march 5th. 3q i can't let allergies stop me from the leading the way. so, i get claritin clear. alright, let's move on team ! claritin works hard to relieve my worst symptoms. and only claritin is proven to keep me as alert and focused as someone without allergies. whoa ! watch your step ! i couldn't do this without you ! don't let allergies hold you back. live claritin clear with non-drowsy claritin. >>> tomorrow is super tuesday and voters may be getting phone calls from the very familiar voice. barbara bush roord robo call for mitt romney used in ohio and vermont. on the call she says shah tha she and her family have known the romneys for years and she believes that mitt is the best man to lead the country for the next four years. rick santorum says mitt romney has been unable to close the deal with voters. and that would spell trouble for repub
Mar 5, 2012 6:30am EST
and faculity were mereddered at -- murdered at virginia teem tech. >>> and a live report from indiana. this morning communities from five different states begin the long painful process of rebuilding after a weekend and a rash of devastating tornadoes. >>> and all is wideet here at home but -- quiet here at home but there's a chance for snow in the forecast. details coming up. >> reporter: an accident on the east side of the beltway and delays on the west side and, of course, we will check all of our other roadways and let you know about that monday morning drivewhen we return. ♪ let me get [ man ] i loved my first car... sometimes the door gets stuck... oh sure. ooh! [ man ] ...and then, i didn't. um... [ sighs ] [ man ] so, i got a car i can love a really, really long time. [ male announcer ] for the road ahead, the all-new subaru impreza. ♪ experience love that lasts. >>> monday morning this is the abc2 news to go i am megan pringle. >> i am charley crowson. let's say hello, to meteorologist lynette charles. >> good morning. we are dealing with the fact we have some sunshine ou
Mar 7, 2012 6:30am EST
. >> new video, deadly tornadoes from the midwest. amazing cell phone video, from indiana. the national weather service says at least 42 tornadoes hit 10 states friday. the storms so far have killed 40 people including 13 in indiana. >>> one more chance of our forecast with lynette. >> it's quiet in indiana this morning. and also close to home, we're nice and dry. as you step out to the bus stop just bundle up the kids, temperatures in the 30s. those winds out of the south at 5 to 10 miles an hour. but will pick up as we go throughout the day. we'll get that warm surge of air moving in. temperatures will be in the low to mid-60s for today. 63 degrees to be exact. we will have that warm-up starting today. then by tomorrow things are going to get even warmer. for tonight that temperature coming in around 42 degrees. we'll have a few clouds out there, won't be as cold but the reason why is that southwesterly flow is really going to help to warm up the temperatures for this afternoon and also for this evening. by tomorrow, even warmer, so if you like the 63 i'm forecasting for today, 68 and
Mar 7, 2012 5:30am EST
on the minnesota twins. >>> new video this morning. this is coming from indiana. it's pretty incredible. many tornadoes hit the midwest including here. this is cell phone video taken. the national weather service says at least 42 tornadoes struck 10 states friday, the storms killed 40 people including 13 in the state of indiana. >>> 5:47. 34 degrees. we go to lynette with a check of the weather. >> good morning. we are still talking about the tornadoes. that's the thing, when you have severe weather, tornadoes, it doesn't hit once. you just have to deal with the clean-up when it hits over and over again. fortunately there's dry weather in those areas today but we are starting to see clouds stream in across that area. the fact is, we're not getting in on any of the unsettled weather. we will be seeing plenty of sunshine as we go throughout the day. where we have clear skies across the area, as of now. that will hold true even as we go into the afternoon. temperatures are a little on the cool side this morning. i'm going to say chilly, we're still above average. we should be 30 degrees for this
Mar 21, 2012 5:30am EDT
lady antebellum is lending a voice to help a tornado-ravaged community in indiana. they will play a concert at a school. and schools across the country campaign on behalf of henryville high school. there you have it. that is what they're doing. [ singing ] >>> is he not the cutest? this 2-year-old is from canada. she loved to sing adele's song like you. her mom taped her sining it and posted it on "youtube." it has received more than a million hits since it was posted just two weeks ago. i would listen to her all morning. stay with us. if you're in the market for historic real estate, you don't have to travel very far. the properties in our city that are up for grabs. >>> a call for action. unarmed florida teen gunned down while visiting his father's community. we have details on that just ahead. >>> another live picture of the san diego zoo. we'll show you these penguins all morning long because they're too cute. we'll be right back. buying this juicer online was unbelievable. what a bargain! [ female announcer ] sometimes a good deal turns out to be not such a good deal. but new
Mar 21, 2012 6:30am EDT
. >>> children from henryville, indiana will be going back to school. >>> time for a check on the weather what is going on? >>> it's good that indiana is try for today. but back off in the west, there's a big plume of moisture. and the big plume will slide off in the east. and could reach us as we go into the weekend where we have the chance for more showers and thunderstorms. we zoom in around the carolinas and also virginia. that is what is popping up there. but closer to home, we're dealing with lots of fog. and that will be scenario as we go through the remainder of the morning and early afternoon. so visibility is reduced four miles in baltimore and dealing with one in a lot of spots this morning. so take it easy on the roadways. future trend picking up on a couple of isolated showers in the afternoon, especially if we get more sunshine a little early. and we'll do it all again as we go into thursday. hour by hour, it brings our temperature about 73 agrees by 4:00 p.m. -- degrees by 4:00 p.m. and speaking of the temperatures up, check out friday, 80 there with showers and thunderstorms on
Mar 6, 2012 5:30am EST
in henryville, indiana. the state was committed to ensuring that the town gets help. it could take several days to get a federal disaster declaration. >>> president obama will hold a press conference. this isn't the first for the president. during a recent michigan gop primaries, he addressed union workers touting auto bailout and attacking republican rivals. >>> in an teefort protest unemployment more than 5000 demonstrators expected to hold pink slips over their heads and form a 3-mile line, the display will last 14 minutes or one minute for each million without a job. no blood meal, no meat and bone meal. yuck. no animal by-products. it means when you put my chicken on the table, you know where it came from.
Mar 19, 2012 5:30am EDT
and system shut down at the more than 400,000 barrel per day whiting indiana refinery. it's located in the northwest part of the state and the incident took place sunday afternoon. authorities say it led to nitrous objection side sulfur dioxide and there's no -- emigs and there's no word how it could affect gas price also. >>> and a town secured a new record with the help from some turtles. teenage mutant ninja turtles. they have brokeent guinness world record for the largest gathering of ninja turtles. 836 in bloomington on saturday and the previous record was 786. event celebrated the mall's new ride teenage mutant ninja turtles i remember when i was in high skill loved that. it takes you back to high school. >> i loved it. >> me too. >> what a beautiful weekend. >> it is. >> it was. >> it was gorgeous. >> i got out and ran i jogged, yeah. my legs are sore because i haven't done it in a while but it's the thought that counts. >> and you mentioned the allergies. i am dealing with that. >> uh-oh. >> spring is the first day tomorrow and we are looking at foggy conditions this morning
Mar 28, 2012 5:30am EDT
in northern indiana. the one of the scars caught fire. -- one of the cars caught fire. so far none of the chemicals reached a lake and no injuries. >>> happening today, crime victims are planning to rally at the capitol building in mississippi to speak out against the former governeer pardons. one of the attending is glenda walker. her son survived being shot in the head by one of the men pardoned by barbour before he left office. she says she is helping to get the word out. >>> grocery stores stopped selling it and the company suspend operations. >> coming, why governors and lieutenants plan to tour one of the remaining pink slime production plants. >> also ahead, if you are planning to get away for spring break, what you should know to stay healthy on your trip. >>> now "good morning maryland." >>> how safe sur car if you are a woman? -- safe is your car if you a woman. the -- for the first time the government is using female crash dumbies. >> the results have revealing concerns and we have more from has loss. >> reporter: this is the new female crash foot dummy 4 foot 11 somethi
Mar 2, 2012 6:30am EST
than three days and will end in california with a rally in sacramento on monday. >>> in indiana a man is now recovering after a 3,000-pound concrete vault fell on a graveyard worker. that man survived. the vault pinned him. all of this is wednesday morning. he and a coworker were lowering that vault into the ground when the accident happened. doctors say the man lost some circulation to his legs, but otherwise, get this, he's expected to be just fine. >>> we learned overnight that a skier swept away in an avalanche near lake tahoe has died. one of them was able to get out and call for help. rescue teams reached the man a couple of hours and they got him to an ambulance. he later died at a hospital. rescuers say the group was skiing in the back country area of those mountains. >>> near sacramento, california, a car crashed into not one, not two, but three northern california homes. police say a jeep cherokee was driving so fast that the driver lost control on a curb, smashed through a fence, hit a few tree stumps and then hit all three homes. that jeep finally careened into house num
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10